Hi all, my name is Dustin, and welcome back to my Real Estate blog.

Today I wanted to look at the items which get damaged the most when moving house, and tips and tricks to ensure they arrive in one piece.

  1. Wine Glasses

    Easily Breakable, the best tip to avoiding any breakages is to use a proper glasswear packing box.  Make sure to label the box GLASS – FRAGILE, so that when it’s being moved it doesn’t get tossed around like a football.  

  2. Crockery

    Plates especially are regularly packaged up altogether without any bubble wrap or newspaper in between them.  To prevent breakages make sure that you wrap up the plates individually as well as all together.  Place carefully in a cardboard box, and cushion around the plates inside.  Label the box PLATES – FRAGILE.

  3. Lamp Shades

    Incredibly awkward to pack, and often a strange shape and large.  Wrap lamps carefully in bubble wrap as well as packing paper, place in a cardboard box and stuff the box with additional packing paper to prevent the lampshade from moving inside the box.  

    Box packing

  4. Wine and Alcohol Bottles.

    My first recommendation is always to have a party instead and use up all your leftover alcohol.  Start afresh at the new house.  If this isn’t possible then get a wine box – you can get them at your local wine store, and make sure all the lids are on tightly and the bottles and clean before placing them into the box.  Tape the tops of the bottles so the lid can’t fall off, and stuff the box with packing paper.


  5. Mirrors.

    Bubble wrap is your best friend.  With Mirrors make sure to cover the front, and back of the mirror with bubble wrap before wrapping the mirror in cardboard.  Only ever pack one mirror in each box.  

Hope this is helpful to anyone moving house,

See you soon,