Hey everybody, my name is Dustin, and I would like to welcome you to my real estate blog. I have been in the real estate business for years, learning all I could and trying to advance in this cut throat business. It has been an interesting story though, and I hope that I can share all the do’s and don’ts that I learned with you so that you guys will have a bit of a guide to use if you decide to get into real estate.

I got into real estate at a young age, and sold my first house at 20. I had to learn a lot about mortgages, escrow limits, Homeowners Associations, and so many more concepts that you might not even consider if you have never dealt with real estate or talked about it with someone has, and it can hit you like a bag of bricks. That’s why I made this blog, to help people who are blindsided by real estate and its various, confusing topics but also to help those already in the business who want to expand their knowledge and their skills. If there is anything you guys are curious about, leave me a comment and I will try and find some way to help you out. See you soon.