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Today on the blog I wanted to start at the basics and tell you guys my quick, easy and cheap ways to improve the saleability and the value of your house.  When you’re getting ready to sell your house there are so many different things you can do to help.  Some of these are fairly big projects and might be long and expensive.  But there are loads which are relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to achieve. I found a great website http://www.cheap.forsale/ which has some great cheap bargains. 


We’re all aware of the most basic ways to improve a house.  Decluttering the rooms so that people can move around easier.  De-personalising your home so people can imagine living there.  And my favourite as a Real Estate agent fresh cookies baking away in the oven whilst showing.  For some quick last minute tips check out this post from Good Housekeeping.


6 ways to increase the sale-ability and value of your home.

Mail boxes and house numbers

Adding an individualised mailbox and replacing your door numbers can really set your house apart from the rest.  Look online for some great unusual ones, I’ve found some great mail boxes online which are second hand, and relatively cheap.  These little details are frequently noticed by buyers, and can definitely make your house stand out and apart from others.

mail box

Front door

Whilst your garden might be important because it’s the first impression that buyers will see, your front door is even more important as it’s the first thing that buyers will properly judge your house upon.  In a recent study by the National Association of Realtors they found that the highest return on investment was for replacing an old front door.  This simple change provided an average return on investment of 85%.  An old or dated front door can give the impression of cheapness, and a front door which is worn out can give the impression of an ageing, old and neglected property.  For under a couple of hundred pounds you can buy a new front door, or if that’s too expensive a splash of paint might be able to do the job at a bargain price.

Inside doors

The same thing is true for inside doors.  Unless your house is open planned then it’s a good idea to update any internal doors by either a lick of paint or by buying new basic hollow core doors which can cost less than 20 pounds per door and come primed ready for painting.  A perfect way to leave it for the next family to move into and a great blank surface for them to work their personal magic on.

inside doors

Door Handles

To take your doors one step further you could also consider updating the door handles.  I wouldn’t advise doing this to all the rooms, unless you can find them cheaply, (like these cheap second hand door handles on http://www.cheap.forsale/door-handles), or if you only have a few door handles to replace.  But replacing the bedroom door handles and the bathroom door handles can really update the look.

Electrical outlet covers and light switch covers.

Such an easy and cheap way to update a room, and it can make all the difference.  A lot of the time you can see that a family have tried to update a room and have painted all the walls but left the old electrical covers on.  They are often found yellowed, broken or just otherwise dirty and covered in paint.  For around 50p a cover, you can easily replace them for less than 20 pounds for the whole house and it will instantly make a massive difference for the look and feel of an ageing house.  

If you have a period property you can even look to replace the old plastic covers with antique brass and bronze plates. These are slightly more expensive at around 5 pounds a cover but will really change the overall theme and feeling of a room.

Entrance hall

If you’re property has an entrance hall then this will be the second impression that your potential buyers will see.  Make sure that it invites buyers in and appears homely and warm.  This is also the best way to set a mood and feel for the rest of the house.  Want to show the house is opulent and expensive, then a piece of art will help set that mood.  Want to show a feeling of warmth?  Try having plants and a big mirror to invite people in.  Remember this stuff you will be taking  with you so you can move items from other areas of the house rather than making any new purchases.  Just remember if you pick something valuable to take our tips from last week into account

entrance hall


I hope this will help you all out.  There’s so many simple ways to up sell a house.  If you’d like to read any more of our blogs check this post out from last week; http://islandergrocery.com/expensive-cities-buy-house/