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Tips For Real Estate Marketing

Tips For Real Estate Marketing

There are a lot of different ways to market any business. But different industries require different methods. This includes the world of real estate. If you’re a realtor or working with a real estate company, you want to look at a few tips that are going to help you get more attention and sales. Don’t assume that you can just market this arena like you would any other business, because it will not work out well. The following are tips that you’ll want to consider moving forward with, to get a lot more engagement and conversions.

Get Socially Active

You should put yourself into the world of social networks. Pick the top ones, and emulate the best accounts in what they post. Don’t post things about your business at first, but rather, build your attention. The more you build an audience, the better your engagement cycles will become. This takes a little time to build, but it’s going to be worth your investment. Real estate is easy to get lost within social networks, because many people just post listings and that’s it. Don’t do that. Focus on connecting with others, sharing thoughts, quotes, and more.

Put Your Information Everywhere

Whenever you’re promoting yourself and your business, make sure that there is contact information everywhere. That includes putting phone numbers, email address, and much more across websites and print collateral. The more information that you have in public, the easier it’s going to be for someone to contact you. You have to make it easy for people to get a hold of you. Make sure that people have your contact information across marketing collateral, or you will fall short of standard communication models for real estate.

Use Great Digital Photography

Whether you hire someone or you get really good at using your camera phone or digital SLR, make sure that you use great photography. Use professional looking shots of homes you’re trying to sell, as well as updates around town. When you sell a home, you’re not just selling a place to live, you’re going to be selling people on the city. If you have great photographs of the city around the homes you’re dealing with, real estate marketing takes on a whole new power.


Use Email Marketing To Your Advantage

Setup an email newsletter and send out inspirational updates, not just listing updates. Make sure that you send out articles, interior design updates, and much more. Email marketing is going to help you connect with potential clients, but also engage your existing audience with tips and tricks from different sides of real estate. The friendlier you appear here, the more people will trust you, and that’s everything when it comes to getting into real estate marketing.

Thinking of buying an off-plan condo?


Buying an off-plan condo can be daunting and exciting at the same time. As an off-plan customer you get to choose pretty every detail of the design, from the room or space layout, to the bathroom towel rails. This means you can design your dream home to exactly how you want it. Purchasing a condo pre-built can be amazing but once you have paid your money and moved in there maybe little design flaws you spot that will annoy you until changed.  Investing in an off-plan condo can be a very shrewd move financially but only if certain things are considered.

Location is obviously a big factor. You want to invest in somewhere upmarket , or even better somewhere that will be more upmarket in the future. This way you will see an excellent return on your investment, with a fast and high increase in the property value. Keep in mind that off plan condos in expensive areas will be a lot cheaper than buying a normal family home.

The next important factor is your contract. Make sure, and double check you are dealing with reputable companies. Check them out, check reference sites and check the financial stability of each contractor. Read your contract thoroughly and get your lawyer to explain anything suspect. Also, make sure you have a cooling off period written in. Buying off plan will certainly get you the best deal as when completed the value should increase immediately.  Study  the deposit clauses and be certain the exact specifications you want are written into the contract.

Buying off plan is a sound investment as getting in early will see you get a great deal. You will pay a deposit, and not see the condo finished for a length of time but the wait will be worth it, both for the joy of moving into your dream home, that you designed. Good luck!




6 top tips to increase the saleability of your house.

Hi folks.  Welcome back to my Real Estate Blog.  I’m Dustin and this is my little corner of the internet, Islander Grocery.  


Today on the blog I wanted to start at the basics and tell you guys my quick, easy and cheap ways to improve the saleability and the value of your house.  When you’re getting ready to sell your house there are so many different things you can do to help.  Some of these are fairly big projects and might be long and expensive.  But there are loads which are relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to achieve. I found a great website which has some great cheap bargains. 


We’re all aware of the most basic ways to improve a house.  Decluttering the rooms so that people can move around easier.  De-personalising your home so people can imagine living there.  And my favourite as a Real Estate agent fresh cookies baking away in the oven whilst showing.  For some quick last minute tips check out this post from Good Housekeeping.


6 ways to increase the sale-ability and value of your home.

Mail boxes and house numbers

Adding an individualised mailbox and replacing your door numbers can really set your house apart from the rest.  Look online for some great unusual ones, I’ve found some great mail boxes online which are second hand, and relatively cheap.  These little details are frequently noticed by buyers, and can definitely make your house stand out and apart from others.

mail box

Front door

Whilst your garden might be important because it’s the first impression that buyers will see, your front door is even more important as it’s the first thing that buyers will properly judge your house upon.  In a recent study by the National Association of Realtors they found that the highest return on investment was for replacing an old front door.  This simple change provided an average return on investment of 85%.  An old or dated front door can give the impression of cheapness, and a front door which is worn out can give the impression of an ageing, old and neglected property.  For under a couple of hundred pounds you can buy a new front door, or if that’s too expensive a splash of paint might be able to do the job at a bargain price.

Inside doors

The same thing is true for inside doors.  Unless your house is open planned then it’s a good idea to update any internal doors by either a lick of paint or by buying new basic hollow core doors which can cost less than 20 pounds per door and come primed ready for painting.  A perfect way to leave it for the next family to move into and a great blank surface for them to work their personal magic on.

inside doors

Door Handles

To take your doors one step further you could also consider updating the door handles.  I wouldn’t advise doing this to all the rooms, unless you can find them cheaply, (like these cheap second hand door handles on, or if you only have a few door handles to replace.  But replacing the bedroom door handles and the bathroom door handles can really update the look.

Electrical outlet covers and light switch covers.

Such an easy and cheap way to update a room, and it can make all the difference.  A lot of the time you can see that a family have tried to update a room and have painted all the walls but left the old electrical covers on.  They are often found yellowed, broken or just otherwise dirty and covered in paint.  For around 50p a cover, you can easily replace them for less than 20 pounds for the whole house and it will instantly make a massive difference for the look and feel of an ageing house.  

If you have a period property you can even look to replace the old plastic covers with antique brass and bronze plates. These are slightly more expensive at around 5 pounds a cover but will really change the overall theme and feeling of a room.

Entrance hall

If you’re property has an entrance hall then this will be the second impression that your potential buyers will see.  Make sure that it invites buyers in and appears homely and warm.  This is also the best way to set a mood and feel for the rest of the house.  Want to show the house is opulent and expensive, then a piece of art will help set that mood.  Want to show a feeling of warmth?  Try having plants and a big mirror to invite people in.  Remember this stuff you will be taking  with you so you can move items from other areas of the house rather than making any new purchases.  Just remember if you pick something valuable to take our tips from last week into account

entrance hall


I hope this will help you all out.  There’s so many simple ways to up sell a house.  If you’d like to read any more of our blogs check this post out from last week;



How to not damage items when moving house.

Hi all, my name is Dustin, and welcome back to my Real Estate blog.

Today I wanted to look at the items which get damaged the most when moving house, and tips and tricks to ensure they arrive in one piece.

  1. Wine Glasses

    Easily Breakable, the best tip to avoiding any breakages is to use a proper glasswear packing box.  Make sure to label the box GLASS – FRAGILE, so that when it’s being moved it doesn’t get tossed around like a football.  

  2. Crockery

    Plates especially are regularly packaged up altogether without any bubble wrap or newspaper in between them.  To prevent breakages make sure that you wrap up the plates individually as well as all together.  Place carefully in a cardboard box, and cushion around the plates inside.  Label the box PLATES – FRAGILE.

  3. Lamp Shades

    Incredibly awkward to pack, and often a strange shape and large.  Wrap lamps carefully in bubble wrap as well as packing paper, place in a cardboard box and stuff the box with additional packing paper to prevent the lampshade from moving inside the box.  

    Box packing

  4. Wine and Alcohol Bottles.

    My first recommendation is always to have a party instead and use up all your leftover alcohol.  Start afresh at the new house.  If this isn’t possible then get a wine box – you can get them at your local wine store, and make sure all the lids are on tightly and the bottles and clean before placing them into the box.  Tape the tops of the bottles so the lid can’t fall off, and stuff the box with packing paper.


  5. Mirrors.

    Bubble wrap is your best friend.  With Mirrors make sure to cover the front, and back of the mirror with bubble wrap before wrapping the mirror in cardboard.  Only ever pack one mirror in each box.  

Hope this is helpful to anyone moving house,

See you soon,


Most Expensive Cities to buy a house.

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first blog post on my real estate blog, Island Grocery.


I wanted to tell you a little bit more about myself first.  I’m Dustin and I grew up in London, U.K. until I was 12.  My parents divorced and I went to live with my Mom in Oregon, whilst my Dad stayed in London.  Travelling back and forth between these two very different cities was how I got into real estate, as my dad was constantly moving.  

Most expensive and cheapest cities.

In 2016 the most expensive country to rent a 120 sq metre apartment was London.  With the cost on average being $11,089.  The Average cost per square metre was $34,531 nearly double that of New York, but just under less than half of the most expensive city to buy a house which was Monaco at $60,114 per square metre.  

The second most expensive place to rent a property was in New York where the average rent price for a 120 square metre apartment was $7,225.  

Other cities in the top ten most expensive cities to buy a property, based on the cost per square metre, include Hong Kong, Moscow, Geneva, Vienna, Paris, Tokyo and Singapore.

Most expensive house, Mumbai, India

On the opposite side some of the world’s cheapest places to live include Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, Mumbai in India and Karachi in Pakistan.  Other countries with cheap housing includes Japan and South Korea.  For Western countries one of the cheapest countries to live in is Germany, where the price to index ratio is – 15.78.

I hope you’ve found this interesting.  What’s the price of property where you live?

See you soon.



Hey everybody, my name is Dustin, and I would like to welcome you to my real estate blog. I have been in the real estate business for years, learning all I could and trying to advance in this cut throat business. It has been an interesting story though, and I hope that I can share all the do’s and don’ts that I learned with you so that you guys will have a bit of a guide to use if you decide to get into real estate.

I got into real estate at a young age, and sold my first house at 20. I had to learn a lot about mortgages, escrow limits, Homeowners Associations, and so many more concepts that you might not even consider if you have never dealt with real estate or talked about it with someone has, and it can hit you like a bag of bricks. That’s why I made this blog, to help people who are blindsided by real estate and its various, confusing topics but also to help those already in the business who want to expand their knowledge and their skills. If there is anything you guys are curious about, leave me a comment and I will try and find some way to help you out. See you soon.